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"Simba's recommendations improved our conversion rate by 10x. We're now seeing a record number of customers from ads."
Stanley Chen, BerryClean

AI-powered landing page feedback

A landing page that converts well is the foundation of a successful Google Ad campaign. Using AI text and vision models, we give you tailored feedback to help increase conversion rates and maximize the value of your ad campaigns.


What does conversion rate mean?

Your landing page should convince your visitors to complete a desired action - like booking an appointment or submitting a lead form. Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of visitors who have completed your desired action by the number of visitors who visit your page. For example, if your landing page is collecting lead form submissions, and for every 10 people that visit your page 1 submits the form, your conversion rate is 10%.

Why should I use the landing page grader?

If you're planning on running ads to your landing page, it is critical to ensure you are following all the best practices on your page. Doing this will ensure you getting the best return for every ad dollar you spend.

How does this work?

We use the latest text and vision AI models to generate a unique understanding of your landing page, and give you recommendations that is specific to your page, based on industry best practices.

Can you help me fix my landing page?

We serve limited number of clients through our consulting services. If we're over capacity, we can connect you to one of our vetted agency partners. Another great alternative is to find someone on Fiverr.

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